Bot fight regenesis

It’s late and I’ll probably run out of steam before I write this all up but I want to do a little description of a feature I’d like to add to this site.

Bot Fight will be a bunch of code that simulates an encounter between bots (algorithms) in an environment (area/grid at first) to see who comes out on top.

The bots will have properties, strategies, and other capabilities which will influence the outcome. Bot fights will be run on a schedule and the results posted on the site. Ideally, visitors to the site would be able to interact with the bots by helping them (providing or boosting capabilities) or suggesting changes to strategies.

Bot fights will be essentially a coin flip at first but will mature over time as more code is added.

Program flow:

  • load in bot defs
  • load in environment
  • load in visitor supplied modifications and apply them
  • place bots in environment
  • record results
  • repeat

I don’t have time for this but I can spend a few minutes at the end of each day on it, I guess (after work, before dinner and getting the boy from daycare).

Next: make github repo

sitrep 2018-04-20

Look, I’ve been using a Pebble Time watchface for the last couple of days that has the Metric time on it right below the “normal” time. Right now, it is 10:15 and the metric time is 04.25. So the day is almost 25% done. Noon is 5. Get it? Why isn’t that how we tell time? OK, I need to get back to work now.

sitrep 2018-04-19

Cold seems to be on the way out. Is fast recovery another benefit of low carb? Feels like a secret weapon or something.

sitrep 2018-04-18

I’m up a little early because of my cold and the fact that our boy climbed into bed in the middle of the night and I didn’t want to wake him up when my watch alarm buzzed.

I am down well over 15 lbs since starting low carb a few weeks ago and this includes a visit home where I put a few pounds back on. It is actually a little freaky to step on that scale in the morning and see how much I’ve lost. I really do put a lot of stock in the relationship of insulin to weight loss. The Obesity Code is a pretty good book to get started with if you want a really detailed explanation of why insulin is what you should be thinking about instead of “Calories In, Calories Out”.

You can also start here: Diet Doctor: How To Lose Weight. This is the authors’ site and is a boiled down guide. I think a person really needs to dig into the science here to get the best results so I would suggest the book or just Googling “insulin resistance” and reading as much as you can stand.

OK, I need to get an early start at work as I have a bunch of estimators coming to the house today, etc.

sitrep 2018-04-15

  • down about 15 lbs in three weeks, I guess… I’ve lost the weight I regained on vacation and am losing again. Eating like a King, too. Feels like cheating. Breakfast was a keto mug bread grilled cheese with bacon, strawberries, and an egg. Lunch was a Boston Pizza sandwich entree, hold the bread and fries with Cesar Salad. Dinner was a bunless burger, Greek salad, and mushrooms fried with spinach and garlic. Later we had keto cheesecake for dessert. I mean that’s good eats.

  • we took our boy to the park today and went for a nice drive outside the city. Beautiful weather.

  • that is all… Work in the morning.

Llama Location Profiles

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S6 like I do and live in a house with less than complete WiFi coverage you might find you keep dropping off WiFi and into mobile data. If, like me, you don’t have an unlimited data plan this can quickly use up your monthly data and end up costing you money.

I tried various built in settings to keep myself on WiFi but nothing really worked other than turning off mobile data which is annoying to do manually.

So I turned to a tried and true app: Llama Location Profiles (

I have one location: home. When I arrive home mobile data is turned off and WiFi is turned on. I reverse the process when I leave home. Now I don’t have up worry about using all my mobile data in the first week.

Pro tip: when you first start using it, periodically check the location log for times when you are home when it is seeing cell towers that aren’t associated with your home location. Manually add these to the location. You only have to do this a couple of times to get all the nearby towers captured.