OK, in the midst of constant anxiety that the US is going to destroy the world I have some updates:

  1. Keto - we’re doing Keto! I have a lot of energy.
  2. Weather - it’s really nice here.
  3. Daily routines - I am starting to get the hang of my life which typically means it will all be disrupted sooner rather than later. I am on the verge of having enough room at the end of a given day to do some “old paper” shredding assuming no errands to run.
  4. Index card system - I am knocking off one or two minor tasks a day. This feels really good.
  5. Work - going well, focusing well, Keto and coffee are quite a combo.

sitrep 2018-03-15

So I’m feeling pretty good about what I are today. I’ve been patting myself on the back. I had a light breakfast and lunch and a very healthy dinner. No snacks.

Them I remember that I stopped on the way home this morning and got two sausage egg McMuffins. How could I have possibly not remembered eating those? This happened a couple of times! I kept forgetting.

That’s how my brain works.

sitrep 2018-03-11

There’s much to say.

Attended an all day seminar/education thing on Friday re AS to learn more about how this is going to progress over the next 20 years and what I can do about it. Learned much, met people like me.

Other than the backslides I’ve already talked about I’ve been doing well with my eating and the TMJ thing is responding to using a bite plane. Yay.

Life goes on. I’ve been trying to remember the Sanchin kata lately. Getting there. Feels good to do that again.

sitrep 2018-03-08

Well, it’s been a while since I experienced horror at being too full. Since then I have eaten too much once. We ordered food, it was way more than I thought, and I ate too much of it before I realized what I had done. That was lunch. I had a very small dinner and got on with life.

Exercising - working on it.

I am exeriencing some kind of pain (teeth, side of face). I either have some TMJ thing or need a root canal. I’ll find out next week. It is driving me crazy. Exerting myself makes that throb like crazy so I try to keep it focused on stretching.

sitrep 2018-03-03

This week I ended up being uncomfortably full three times. Granted I seem to be fighting a bug I felt exhausted, lethargic, and nauseated afterward. Really bad. Not just uncomfortable, more like “I might throw up”.

So I’m going to really try to not get full. It’s pointless. After my Ostomy operation I terrified of overeating and gradually got back into my old habits. That was a huge mistake.

Anyway, I’ll try to keep myself accountable here and record how I’m doing.

sitrep 2018-03-01

So today is the second day where I am feeling lethargic and nauseated. Better than yesterday, though. I made it to the end of the workday and sacked out on the couch for 20 minutes before getting into my daily routine that ends with me going to get my son at daycare.


  • Trump: like, just, wtf… Some just want to watch the world burn.
  • Index cards: so far this system has me knocking off one or two tasks a day. I love the tactile feel of running through the deck and deciding which card to put on top. I like freedom that I have when writing up the cards and taking notes on them. Generally very satisfying and effective. I change my to-do system depending on what life throws at me and for right now this is really working for me.
  • Weather - might get some snow. Might be the last gasp of winter but who knows?

sitrep 2018-02-27

So, my original mission for this blog is to chronicle my efforts to get back into shape. My wife pointed out that I was so out of shape that anything would help and so I could try running up and down the stairs. I did that today. 3 sets of the up and downs. I was definitely winded. Also did some push ups and stretches.

sitrep 2018-02-22

  • Boxes in my office - evenings and weekends and here and there I’ve gotten through 2 of the 4 large boxes in my office from the move. I have a few piles of things that need to be put away, a lot went into junk, and my file/shred stack has grown but the boxes are both empty and gone. Now on to the next one.

  • Index cards - I am using index cards for my TODO system again. I missed the tactile nature. I carry a few with a pen in my pocket to act as an inbox and keep the stack of in-play cards in front of my in a little holder on my desk. I like them because they are convenient to write on anywhere. I found an old Starbucks gift box that is the perfect size for the card archive as well (might as while chronolgically file them when done).

  • Exercise - I made a card to track my stretches, pushups, and trying not to eat after dinner, I’ll make one up each week. I crossed off the days of this week before I made the card but I actually did do stuff on those days.

Things are looking up, I guess?

Finally, I am planning to write some longer form posts on how working as a cook shaped my mind, how I approach work, and how I handle stress. For better and for worse.