This is my first post with Obsidian Publish. Need to redirect the DNS here. I have everything updated but it's not resolving so I've done something wrong. Still working on it. Might have figured it out with help from support. 🤷‍♂️🤞🔥🤪 - 2023-07-29: [[Update 2023-07-29]] - 2023-07-09: [[Vacation 2023]] - 2023-06-04: - [[Doom box = Cardboard box]] - lifehack to stop leaving unfinished put away projects everywhere - Update to my [[Politics]] prediction - I was wrong. - 2023-05-10: updated thoughts on [[Politics]] - 2023-05-01: [[Procrastination]] is the thief of time! ## Site log 2023-06-04 - I am over a month in using this and not keeping up with my weekly posting plan, but working on it. I have a five drafts going in addition to about seven published files with any content in them, I guess. I really enjoy bite sized writing and don't seem to have the patience, time, or talent needed to write compelling fiction so this is it for now. 2023-04-20 - ok, I've got Obsidian Publish all set up now. I actually caved and asked for some help from their tech support and they were spot on. My one complaint is CloudFlare seems to take forever to propagate DNS changes so I could see the site on my desktop but not my phone until I configured CloudFlare to be my DNS. Still not sure if anyone else can see it but let's be real, I know no one is ever going to read this but me.