sitrep 2018-05-18

Vacation day 1 - the mountains are beautiful and we aren’t even all the way into them yet. Tonight we’re in a motel that reminds me of my childhood. Beds are comfortable, though. Sadly, the WiFi is garbage. :)

sitrep 2018-05-15

Been working on a pergola (just a metal kit from a store) on the deck but since I didn’t complete it on Sunday I guess it will never get done now?

BBQ technique - ran out of propane so I do the following:

  • 3:30 - light the charcoal grill
  • 3:55 - shut down dampers to keep coals at slow burn
  • 4:00 - go pick up the boy
  • 5:00 - return home and open the dampers all the way and let the charcoal get hot for cooking
  • 5:15 - grill all the meat

This technique seems to burn very little charcoal (my grill is insulated and very efficient) and seems (to me) to be less hassle than dealing with a propane grill that has the bottom rusted out, never self-lights, and is constantly getting blown out by the wind or erupting into flame if I try to get any real heat out of it.

I am thinking of getting rid of the old propane grill entirely.

Bike rides and jogging 2018-05-10

My son is learning to ride a bike. Mom rides up front, he follows behind with training wheels on. Dad walks briskly beside him offering encouragement, preventing scraped elbows, and giving a little push on the uphill parts. Well, last night he started to get fast. Faster than a walking pace but less than a moderate jog. So I jogged beside him.

This was incredible. I used to love running but haven’t really done it since the operation and find I don’t really “have time to run”. But all of a sudden it’s nice out and he’s on his bike after dinner and I am getting to go for a brief, light job. This is pretty good stuff, here, people. :)

sitrep 2018-05-09

I’ve been trying to take a “real lunchbreak” lately which means starting earlier in the morning. 4:30 - 4:45AM early. So I am not sure this is working. I thought it was making me drowsy but then I figured “this could be allergies” so I started taking an antihistamine and pounding espresso.

Fatigue is mostly dealt with now.

The other thing is I am getting lots of stuff done at lunch but not really “taking a break”. I am mostly doing non-work stuff which is nice. I have a lot of low-level tasks that I can get done easily enough if I have 20 or 30 minutes a day. And there are always tons of non-discretionary things to do (e.g. laundry, picking up after the dog, prepping dinner, etc.).

What it has done for me is boost the productivity of my work phase after lunch. I eat low carb so I don’t really get a blood sugar crash after eating but was finding if I didn’t take a real break I’d be lackluster and distracted while trying to work.

So here is a sitrep:

  • I haven’t been doing my stretching - wtf? I should do this.
  • sorting/filing - still trying to get into the next box and file some stuff, I think I’ll move forward with that today as all last week I had stuff to do after work and this week will leave no free time Thursday or Friday
  • exercise - last night we took our son for a walk on his scooter, his Mom was riding her bike. He would abandon the scooter and run after her which meant I could jog a bit to catch up. Felt good. I have also been doing lots of yard work. I feel like this is resulting in getting stronger and generally feeling healthier. Loving this.
  • Bot fight - need to do the next step on this: cron job to run it and log out the results plus a page to display them.


sitrep 2018-05-01

So this whole tooth thing has evolved into an extraction. Which means, maybe, getting an implant to replace it. I guess it is better than a root canal but I really was hoping to keep the tooth as it would be less hassle and expense.

In other news, we have our garden boxes built and filled with top soil. We need to mix soil additives in and do some planting. We got too much soil so I’ll probably build some more garden boxes… You can never have too many garden boxes.

Finally, in health news, I don’t appear to be losing weight anymore. I have a theory:

  1. I am eating too many carbs to be in ketosis - we had a couple cheat meals on the weekend
  2. I have been doing lots of physical labour which causes your body to store water like crazy and this can bump your weight up a couple pounds
  3. I haven’t been sleeping well so my cortisol is up which is likely driving insulin production up (or something like that)

So I have to re-double my dietary efforts and try to get more sleep. The exercise? I’ll take it if I can get it.

sitrep 2018-04-27

New anti-drug plan for teens:

  • get them in a room with really good acoustics and show them a high quality video of Jimi Hendrix playing Bold As Love…
  • then have some cool person (Jason Priestly? The Rock? I don’t know what kids are into these days) tell them that Hendrix died as a fairly young man because he was wasted and that he will never record again…

I mean it won’t stop them from smoking pot but might make them think twice about going overboard?

sitrep 2018-04-26

  • Really liking - haven’t heard an ad yet!
  • Very interesting article summarizing the results of various studies into the health benefits of tea… turns out you want green tea and if you drink black tea, don’t use milk (and definitely no sugar):
  • Found out I need a root canal today. Yikes! Apparently they are not so bad.
  • After a couple of days of 100% watery output from my stoma I abandoned low carb for a bit and went back to a carb-normal diet with lots of immodium and am finally returning to normal. I am trying to figure out how a person with an illeostomy functions on a keto or low carb diet with no starch to slow food in its traversal of the gut. I think I was losing nutrients and so on. I mean I lost weight but my overall health is important, too.
  • So here in my city we went from “winter” to “summer” in about a week and it is now consistently 20c all day. This is a bit odd to me but I can’t do anything about it in the very short term so I’ll enjoy it. We are at no risk of flooding here on the windswept prarie but I do worry about my family and friends back home. Hopefully Waterworld is a few years off, yet.
  • Almost forgot: I love the new Gmail redesign and Tasks (which is just a new skin on Google Tasks but still great).

Bot fight regenesis

It’s late and I’ll probably run out of steam before I write this all up but I want to do a little description of a feature I’d like to add to this site.

Bot Fight will be a bunch of code that simulates an encounter between bots (algorithms) in an environment (area/grid at first) to see who comes out on top.

The bots will have properties, strategies, and other capabilities which will influence the outcome. Bot fights will be run on a schedule and the results posted on the site. Ideally, visitors to the site would be able to interact with the bots by helping them (providing or boosting capabilities) or suggesting changes to strategies.

Bot fights will be essentially a coin flip at first but will mature over time as more code is added.

Program flow:

  • load in bot defs
  • load in environment
  • load in visitor supplied modifications and apply them
  • place bots in environment
  • record results
  • repeat

I don’t have time for this but I can spend a few minutes at the end of each day on it, I guess (after work, before dinner and getting the boy from daycare).

Next: make github repo