Cst. Chelsey Robinson Park

Constable Chelsey Robinson Park
Parkland County, AB T7Y 1H6


Took the little guy here for a fun morning ending in a picnic.

This is a shallow river on the park side but there was a decent current the day we were there so don’t leave kids unattended as they could definitely get downriver quickly if they get too far out from shore on a raft or inner tube.

There’s parking as you arrive but it’s quite a walk down to the recreation area so keep going down the steep, gravel road to one of the two lower lots (they both have river access).

There are fire pits, firewood, outhouses, and picnic tables.

To get there you need to drive to Range Road 23, Spruce Grove, AB as indicated in the map, above (zoom out) and then the park is at the end of that road. Google maps driving directions to the park try to take you to the other side of the river at the moment so you best bet is to lay in a course for the Range Road and then keep driving a short distance past where it seems to end on the map.

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