A Small Dog

We are currently looking after a small dog for relatives who are getting married and needed to go away for a bit (honeymoon, etc). It’s three weeks.


  • I get out for more walks. His little legs need to be exercised or his aging body ends up peeing in the house.
  • My son is helping to get him into and out of his kennel and it is one of his first “chores”. He loves it.
  • The dog is gentle with people and is often good company for our full time dog.
  • Can be hilarious. He has giant eyes and lays down with his legs splayed out behind him.

  • Gassy. So very, very gassy. It is probably his food but we can’t change it for such a short time. There will be the sound of an air brake or compressed air tool and then, bam, it hits you. I can’t describe the smell.

  • Noisy. Eating? Obsessively licking his paws? Sleeping? Walking around? He breathes like he has a constant nasal obstruction. It is pretty gross sounding.
  • Annoying. Our dog is constantly being molested by this dog from about 6pm until 8pm. The rest of the time it is fine. But those 2 hours? Chaos. Running around the house, jumping on furniture, shifting rugs, barking outside, chaos.
  • Extra work. As a poop machine, his job is to poop several times a day and my job is to clean it. As an indoor peeing machine, his job is to try to not pee outside and my job is to take him on multiple walks each day presenting various objects that are so tempting to pee on that he can’t help himself. This takes place right before or after things where I would rather not be outside right away (bed, arriving home from errands, eating lunch, etc).
    Anyway, we’re over halfway through and I like the little guy despite all this. He’s noisily licking his paws under my desk right now (where he spends most of the day) and I’m waiting for the next wave of stench to emerge.