Game changing Gmail trick

I am sure everyone else already figured this out but I just clued into a neat trick I can use in Gmail to stay a little more organized.

I have a label in Gmail, #TODO, that I file tasks into. I have also used a Gmail lab to have email with this label display in my inbox in its own section (I will try to add details on this when I’m not on mobile).

This is all great but it means that if I want to add notes to a TODO item I need to reply to myself and follow the thread to get all my info on something. This had prevented me from really committing to this as a full task management solution. I have just been parking email here that has a task I need to do. I have document with other tasks and project notes. I’d rather have this all in one place.

I had kind of given up on this idea until tonight when, out of the blue, I thought “what would happen if I added the #TODO label to a draft email?” I tried it and there it was in my email inbox in the#TODO label section (obvious in retrospect)! 

Now I can simply edit that document as I go without the artificial construct of an email thread. This also works perfectly in the Gmail app.

Pretty happy about this feature!