This morning I am entering the Danger Zone. My wife leaves for a visit with family gone Friday until Monday evening. This means I am way more willing to stay up late, eat too much at night and meals, and not stretch.

My plan: get my son into my stretching routine. The do yoga at daycare. Then I can do it with him instead of using “taking care of him” as an excuse not to do it. Eat small meals during the day. I know I'm going to snack after he goes t\ o bed while I watch a dude movie, so keep the eating under control during the day and don't go nuts with my snacks. Staying up late: going to watch movies at my desk, not on the couch. I am way more likely to go to bed if I do this (des\ k is less comfortable) and I might do creative stuff instead of just staring at an OK movie because I “can watch whatever”. I also want to get some PS4 time in.

Update 23:30 – going to bed. I didn't go nuts tonight, at least. I made pizzas for my son and I and probably ate too much at dinner but I wasn't uncomfortably full or anything. I normally would have a massive snack by now. Instead I had\ a couple of crackers with butter. Not health food but better than “another pizza” or worse.