2018-11-18 Sitrep

This was a pretty action-packed weekend. We got a ton of organizing done which involved assembling a lot of Ikea storage. A little trick I used was to wrap the end of those cheap Allen Keys with painters tape. This means the “turn, turn, turn” motion where you are drilling in those long bolts are much easier on the fingers.

This also freed up a bunch of old storage that had been toy room storage built using a bunch of blue recycling bins. Since these are freed up I can use them in the garage for a much more organized recycling set up (currently a pile of loosely tied bags I untie and haul into the kitchen every couple of nights and separate an overflowing bin into).

Health-wise, not a great weekend. Definitely wrenched my back coming down the stairs, didn't get enough sleep, and no stretching or real walking to speak of. However, I did manage to get a lot of movement in with all the cleaning and assembling. Plus some shoveling. All good.

Tags: #sitrep