sitrep 2018-04-26

  • Really liking - haven’t heard an ad yet!
  • Very interesting article summarizing the results of various studies into the health benefits of tea… turns out you want green tea and if you drink black tea, don’t use milk (and definitely no sugar):
  • Found out I need a root canal today. Yikes! Apparently they are not so bad.
  • After a couple of days of 100% watery output from my stoma I abandoned low carb for a bit and went back to a carb-normal diet with lots of immodium and am finally returning to normal. I am trying to figure out how a person with an illeostomy functions on a keto or low carb diet with no starch to slow food in its traversal of the gut. I think I was losing nutrients and so on. I mean I lost weight but my overall health is important, too.
  • So here in my city we went from “winter” to “summer” in about a week and it is now consistently 20c all day. This is a bit odd to me but I can’t do anything about it in the very short term so I’ll enjoy it. We are at no risk of flooding here on the windswept prarie but I do worry about my family and friends back home. Hopefully Waterworld is a few years off, yet.
  • Almost forgot: I love the new Gmail redesign and Tasks (which is just a new skin on Google Tasks but still great).