sitrep 2018-05-01

So this whole tooth thing has evolved into an extraction. Which means, maybe, getting an implant to replace it. I guess it is better than a root canal but I really was hoping to keep the tooth as it would be less hassle and expense.

In other news, we have our garden boxes built and filled with top soil. We need to mix soil additives in and do some planting. We got too much soil so I’ll probably build some more garden boxes… You can never have too many garden boxes.

Finally, in health news, I don’t appear to be losing weight anymore. I have a theory:

  1. I am eating too many carbs to be in ketosis - we had a couple cheat meals on the weekend
  2. I have been doing lots of physical labour which causes your body to store water like crazy and this can bump your weight up a couple pounds
  3. I haven’t been sleeping well so my cortisol is up which is likely driving insulin production up (or something like that)

So I have to re-double my dietary efforts and try to get more sleep. The exercise? I’ll take it if I can get it.