sitrep 2018-05-15

Been working on a pergola (just a metal kit from a store) on the deck but since I didn’t complete it on Sunday I guess it will never get done now?

BBQ technique - ran out of propane so I do the following:

  • 3:30 - light the charcoal grill
  • 3:55 - shut down dampers to keep coals at slow burn
  • 4:00 - go pick up the boy
  • 5:00 - return home and open the dampers all the way and let the charcoal get hot for cooking
  • 5:15 - grill all the meat

This technique seems to burn very little charcoal (my grill is insulated and very efficient) and seems (to me) to be less hassle than dealing with a propane grill that has the bottom rusted out, never self-lights, and is constantly getting blown out by the wind or erupting into flame if I try to get any real heat out of it.

I am thinking of getting rid of the old propane grill entirely.