sitrep 2018-09-10

It’s funny. I want a blog and like to write but what do I really have to write about? I have a bad cold so I guess I’ll write about that.

First of all, unless you have immune system issues or something more complicated than the common cold you really just need to ride this out for seven days. And everyone knows you need to drink plenty of fluids.

Here is what I have to add: sweat out that cold. If you are like me you can’t just lay in bed all day just because you caught a cold so you need to make any sleep you do get count. Start by downing at least acetaminophen or a nighttime cold pill. Wash it down with gallons of water. Now layer up. Wool socks, a touque, a goody over that. Throw on some sweat pants, too. Now add a blanket onto the bed.

Get into bed and prop yourself up so you are basically sitting up I bed. This prevents chest congestion from waking you up.

Now drift off. And sweat. Let it flow. Your elevated body temp is destroying that virus. You made your own fever. When you wake up to cough, go into the washroom and spit up as much crap as you can and down more water

Do this for two nights in a row and you’ll be over the worst of it before you know it.