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Turning 50


Is turning 50 really “something I like”?

I guess the alternative isn’t great so, yes, I like turning 50.

Times I almost died in chronological order:

  • various concussions as a child and tween, more than 3 but I can’t remember 5 - these were not near death but it isn’t great for other stuff later in life, apparently
  • almost drowned on a couple of occasions, due to being in the ocean when I shouldn’t have been - probably like a 10% chance, guessing
  • went over the handlebars at high speed on a bike trail, then came to with my head about 6 inches from tree trunk, no helmet on - going to say this was a pretty high percentage, if I slammed my head into the tree I’d be at least severely injured and it would have been a couple hours before anyone else was likely to use that trail… wore a helmet after that.
  • mugged at gun point by gang members in Anaheim, CA - statistically 10% chance at the time, according to crime stats
  • then I went through a pretty decent stretch where things were pretty OK
  • most recently was a few years ago when my doctor sent me for a scope even though I just had one a month or two before and they found high dysplasia tissue, pre-cursor to cancer - my gastroenterologist told me I would have been dead in a year if it wasn’t caught (next scope would have been too late). I now no longer have a lot of my digestive system but I’m still walking around, right?

Since then, and for the next 25 or 30 years, as long as I look after myself, my risk of death is pretty low. Just have to keep an even keel and stay healthy. I made it this far, right?

My plan for the next 50 years is to apply what I’ve learned so far to be a good father for my son, a good husband for my wife, and a decent human being in general. I hope to leave things better than I found them.

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