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Packing Cubes


I have used packing cubes on a few of my recent trips. They are fairly affordable and a great way to organize your suitcase.

The set I have is here: OrgaWise 9 Pcs Packing Cubes,Luggage Organizer Bag with Shoes Bag Packing cubes Travel Storage Bags Packing Organizer Set, Multi-functional Clothing Sorting Packages,Travel Packing Pouches

Before I had these, I would do the same thing with a bunch of grocery bags or whatever. The principle is the same: you want your clean clothes organized and sorted by type so it’s easy to get at them. Your dirty clothes are anything not in a packing cube. They just keep everything organized and you can quickly lay them out on a bed or something to pick out an outfit. I don’t believe there is any real space saving from compression or whatever, this is purely me liking the look of the cubes in the suitcase and being able to differentiate easily between clean and dirty clothes. I used to just keep a big shopping bag handy for dirty clothes, and I still do this, but it’s nice to know without a doubt that clean socks are in one bag, a clean tshirt in another, and no hunting around as once nicely packed clothes start to spread out and mingle.

When I travel, I need a lot of things:

  • CPAP machine - never skip a night, folks (if you can help it)
  • Ostomy supplies for changing my appliance - I always change the night before a flight, I’ve had a few bad experiences when I didn’t
  • Toiletries
  • Typically some tech gear - chargers, ereader, etc. You are not allowed to pack your laptop but I transfer it from my personal bag to my suitcase at the first chance (e.g. first place I sleep, etc)
  • Clothing
  • Extra footwear if needed
  • Notebook, documents, and any special items for the trip (gifts, etc)

All of this quickly becomes chaotic so I like to put them all in their own bags, containers, or cases and clothes are no exception.

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