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Stillwater (2021)


Just watched Stillwater (2021). While this movie was a little long, it was incredibly absorbing.

There is a really intense phase of the movie at the end that follows a very slow process of a man changing to be better, but never really getting past his true nature. His transformation is mostly internal, and as a man of few words the character could not have been easy to portray. Matt Damon does an amazing job with this character, Bill Baker, though, and just completely gets this type of person and how their change is some internalized but very real.

There is some intense action in the movie but it is mostly an atmospheric journey where you really get a deep sense of something not being quite right, but knowing knowing what it is that is wrong. This is shown in the movie through the character of Virginie, played by Camille Cottin, who develops a relationship with Matt Damon’s character over a long time. I don’t want to say too much about the plot but it is very hard for me not to on the same version as Cottin’s character as we slowly watch the story unfold.

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