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Wind Shirt


I am really liking this wind shirt -

What is a wind shirt? It’s a pull over that is like a wind breaker but in the style of a sweater. This particular windhshirt has a ver slight vneck and a kangaroo pocket with zips on either end. You can also chinch the waist with a draw string which can be useful in high winds. These are not warm, but they do insulate because of the windbreaker performance characteristics. You buy them big to go over a light sweater or maybe a vest. You can also wear a vest over them, as well. I like wearing mine when I take the dogs out before bed each night. I like to sit out on the back deck, listening to the coyotes, and generally enjoying the quiet and the night sky. We do live in a neighbourhood with lots of homes around but it is very, very quiet here at night and we are surrounded (for now) by green spaces full of wildlife. It’s nice to end the day like that. I like the windshirt for this as it is just cozy enough to wear outside but I can leave it on when I come back in and relax for a bit before heading upstairs to bed. Defintely going to look into something like this with a hood. That would be perfect. :)

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