I was woken up this morning by my garage door opening. This is not normal because it was 4AM and anyone who should be doing that was asleep in the same room as me. The room is right over the garage. I immeadiately went to check on things, assuming a neighbour's opener had set ours off.

When I looked out our bedroom window there was no one around and my car was in the driveway, where I left it, with the doors shut. I went down to the garage immeadiately and the door was open. I closed it and checked the house. I had mopped the floor the night before, and our floor shows every little scuff so I was sure no one had come into the house unless they had taken their shoes off first but I checked the place out.

Normally, when someone breaks into a car, they leave the doors open so shutting them doesn't wake anyone up. I guess I left it unlocked but I NEVER leave my car unlocked. I must have, this time, because they went through the car and got the garage door opener from it (took some stuff that looked like a wallet but was just some random crap I carry with me in the car that was in a bag on the front seat).

They probably took off when the light came on in the garage. There was booze by the door into the house. If they made it that far the would have grabbed some or all of the booze, for sure.

Anyway, the cops were here and took a statement, etc. No harm done but it makes me want a baseball bat or something for when I'm checking that sort of thing out.

Edit – 2019-04-02 – Last night came and went with no issues. We are leaving the outside lights on, both vehicles are in the garage, and I will be carrying a bag from now on so it is easier to get all my crap in and out of the house. I feel like the wallet I lost in the car had nothing critical in it (loyalty cards for stores, really) and I found our spare key so it wasn't in the wallet. I did lose a pair of awesome leather gloves which is really irritating to me because they are hard to find (for me, anyway).