Keto Update 2019-01-30

So weight loss has slowed but I should still end up around 250 by the end of March which would be over 25lbs down. This is according to a linear projection which, as we all know, is not something to bet the farm on. However, I would say with near certainty I’ll be down under 260 which would still be a big milestone for me.

One of the key reasons I have been eating “keto” has been the much lower inflammation that I experience on it. But lately (like for 2 weeks) I am still fine everywhere except my sciatic nerve (which, ironically, does NOT bother me even when my arthritis is acting up). This seems to be a common complaint among people eating very low carb. No source I have found has explained HOW these two things are related but they seem to be anecdotally linked, at least.

Anyway, the things I have found that help are:

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