Laundry Pro-Tips

When I do laundry I always follow a couple of set procedures:

  1. Socks – when putting away socks, always put unmatched socks on the far right of the sock drawer (or some other consistent location). When you put the next load away, take those unmatched socks out and try to pair them up with any socks from your current load. I think you'll find more than a few match up. If the same sock is unmatched over a couple of loads, throw it out or use it for something (sock puppet!).

  2. If doing a couple of loads, make one load mostly “pants”. It is a lot easier to put away a load of the same type of item and often if you are dividing a load up there'll be a common article of clothing making up 1/3 or ½ of the load. Throw all these in together. Quicker put away.

  3. Hang shirts on the right every time, and try to take from the left first. Eventually, all the shirts (and jackets, etc) you never wear are on the left. Put things that you need (suits you wear once a year, winter coats, etc) on the far, far left and put a marker between these and you “working set” (I use a suit in a suit bag as a border) and then you can donate the clothes that end up on the left after a while (maybe a year).

  4. If you struggle to put away laundry, and you have access to laundry in your home, do smaller loads. Just do a load every 3 days or something. Put that away. It takes no time at all to put away 3 days worth of laundry. This gets you into the habit.

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