Loading silverware in the home dishwasher

My first real job was as a dishwasher in a small restaurant. As the steaming trays of silverware emerged from the commercial washer we would polish them with napkins and load them into silverware bins for use by the floor staff. It was important they be clean and not covered in fingerprints. I want this at home too!

I have always loaded my home silverware in with the business end of everything but steak knives pointing up. And sometimes I was finding no matter how clean my hands were I was still covering the silverware with my fingerprints when I unloaded it. Sometimes, too, it wasn't quite clean.

Recently, I changed things up and loaded the silverware pointing “down”. It seems to come out cleaner – possibly because the water is cascading down the utensil somehow getting more water on the bottom of it. And they are easier to unload without touching the parts that people put in their mouths. Win win.

Considering I've been loading dishwashers for almost 40 years this came as a surprise. Why hadn't it occurred to me before? Why has this not become the only way you would ever load a dishwasher?

Tags: #minutiae