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The Weight

I feel like if I post this to Twitter or something, it will not be received in the spirit I am sharing it with so I’ll just leave it here and hope someone sees it.

Turns out we all like music. Now, on Twitter, someone will say “yeah, you mean rich, privledged people like music”, and then someone else will say “how come there are no X people in the video” and so on. Just watch and enjoy it.


  • I added category pages to this site so now can refer you to the COVID19 page where I am collecting thoughts on life during this pandemic.
  • I thought I would stick this link here to remind me why and how to journal -
  • The phrase "isn't there anything faster than a microwave" from The Simpons crosses my mind between 1 and 20 times a day.
  • Why are we still designing new styles of pants? After all this time, shouldn't we have figured that out?

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