No one comes here :)

So nobody comes to this site but me. Analytics tells me this fairly clearly. I barely come here unless I am writing. And this makes sense. I am not offering new information, or aggregated information, I am not writing about interesting topics that are not covered fully elsewhere, and I am not a particularly good writer.

I have been thinking about what I can do to fix that. But then I asked myself why I even care? What does it matter? Should I stop writing because no one comes? Does writing public entries change what I am writing in a way that is useful to me? Should I redirect the time I spend writing here onto writing stories or memoirs? Should I write AT ALL?

Here's the thing: I like writing. It does something good to my brain. It relaxes me to get thoughts like this out. It focuses my mind. And I know that no one will ever read this but knowing someone might is enough to subtly shape what and how I write. And that is useful, it has an organizing effect on my thinking.

For now, I'll keep at it, but I have to wonder if maybe I should be redirecting my $5 USD a month to keep this running into a YouTube Premium subscription or something.