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So weight loss has slowed but I should still end up around 250 by the end of March which would be over 25lbs down. This is according to a linear projection which, as we all know, is not something to bet the farm on. However, I would say with near certainty I’ll be down under 260 which would still be a big milestone for me.

One of the key reasons I have been eating “keto” has been the much lower inflammation that I experience on it. But lately (like for 2 weeks) I am still fine everywhere except my sciatic nerve (which, ironically, does NOT bother me even when my arthritis is acting up). This seems to be a common complaint among people eating very low carb. No source I have found has explained HOW these two things are related but they seem to be anecdotally linked, at least.

Anyway, the things I have found that help are:

  • stretching and exercising a little before bed – around 8pm or so I go down to the basement and do a set of stretches prescribed by physio and also some Tai Chi stuff (mostly Dan Yu). I do a little light cardio (running in place, mostly). Also, specific stretches during the day for sciatica relief.
  • tons of water – I am told drinking tons of water is good.
  • standing desk – as much as I can, I use my desk in the standing position. I have a stool I can lean on as well when standing which makes it easier to spend longer periods of time standing up. I have experienced various levels of chronic pain for years. Mostly arthritic. I can handle it. But this has been rough. And it came after nearly total relief for a few weeks. It is bad enough that I can’t sleep. So I need to figure this out! I am hopeful it will “work itself out” as so many other things have done if I just stay the course. If anyone one reading this blog (ha ha ha, good one) has any insight into the root cause of sciatica related to keto, please let me know in the comments.

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This was a pretty action-packed weekend. We got a ton of organizing done which involved assembling a lot of Ikea storage. A little trick I used was to wrap the end of those cheap Allen Keys with painters tape. This means the “turn, turn, turn” motion where you are drilling in those long bolts are much easier on the fingers.

This also freed up a bunch of old storage that had been toy room storage built using a bunch of blue recycling bins. Since these are freed up I can use them in the garage for a much more organized recycling set up (currently a pile of loosely tied bags I untie and haul into the kitchen every couple of nights and separate an overflowing bin into).

Health-wise, not a great weekend. Definitely wrenched my back coming down the stairs, didn't get enough sleep, and no stretching or real walking to speak of. However, I did manage to get a lot of movement in with all the cleaning and assembling. Plus some shoveling. All good.

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As I turn 46 on this day after the Summer Solstice there is a lightning storm slowly banging away outside even though it is very sunny. My wife is reading to my son in his room as he prepares for bed. We are far enough North that it is \ still sunny at his bedtime which makes this a very challenging bedtime for about half the year.

Here are some bullet points on what I have learned this year:

  • Carbs – they sound fun but being really stuffed full of them isn't great. Next year I'll eat the fried chicken but not the fries or roll. Keto Brownies instead of cake!
  • Lightning – it's no joke, folks.
  • Sleep – I am going to start taking melatonin at 9pm from now on. When you sleep 5 hours a night you can't afford to have that sleep be inconsistent or broken. I always forget to take melatonin and then it's after midnight and I'm wide awake. I've been dealing with insomnia my entire adult life. When it is light outside until 10:30 and you are not getting enough exercise bedtime can be challenging. And this low carb diet we've been doing for the last three months (see #1, I regret #1) has given me a lot of energy. Turning that off and dropping off to sleep is not easy. So melatonin.
  • Don't leave Fiddler or SQL Profile running unless you have capture paused. You can take that to the bank.
  • I still like punk rock. But after an hour I'm ready for something a little more relaxed. I test it out every year. I was like that when I was in late teens too, so I guess people really don't change?

My new wallet is still on the way but is in Vancouver now so that's good. I guess I'll get it Monday or Tuesday.

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went to see Michelle Obama speak today. She's a really interesting speaker and charmed the audience. I was one of only a few men there...

watched Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri tonight. Fascinating movie that blew my mind.

This morning I am entering the Danger Zone. My wife leaves for a visit with family gone Friday until Monday evening. This means I am way more willing to stay up late, eat too much at night and meals, and not stretch.

My plan: get my son into my stretching routine. The do yoga at daycare. Then I can do it with him instead of using “taking care of him” as an excuse not to do it. Eat small meals during the day. I know I'm going to snack after he goes t\ o bed while I watch a dude movie, so keep the eating under control during the day and don't go nuts with my snacks. Staying up late: going to watch movies at my desk, not on the couch. I am way more likely to go to bed if I do this (des\ k is less comfortable) and I might do creative stuff instead of just staring at an OK movie because I “can watch whatever”. I also want to get some PS4 time in.

Update 23:30 – going to bed. I didn't go nuts tonight, at least. I made pizzas for my son and I and probably ate too much at dinner but I wasn't uncomfortably full or anything. I normally would have a massive snack by now. Instead I had\ a couple of crackers with butter. Not health food but better than “another pizza” or worse.

Rather than traveling out to find these, why aren't we staying closer to home and nudging them into decaying orbits around them moon when they show up? We could then mine them on the Moon's surface.

We are currently looking after a small dog for relatives who are getting married and needed to go away for a bit (honeymoon, etc). It's three weeks.


  • I get out for more walks. His little legs need to be exercised or his aging body ends up peeing in the house.
  • My son is helping to get him into and out of his kennel and it is one of his first “chores”. He loves it.
  • The dog is gentle with people and is often good company for our full time dog.
  • Can be hilarious. He has giant eyes and lays down with his legs splayed out behind him.


  • Gassy. So very, very gassy. It is probably his food but we can't change it for such a short time. There will be the sound of an air brake or compressed air tool and then, bam, it hits you. I can't describe the smell.
  • Noisy. Eating? Obsessively licking his paws? Sleeping? Walking around? He breathes like he has a constant nasal obstruction. It is pretty gross sounding.
  • Annoying. Our dog is constantly being molested by this dog from about 6pm until 8pm. The rest of the time it is fine. But those 2 hours? Chaos. Running around the house, jumping on furniture, shifting rugs, barking outside, chaos.
  • Extra work. As a poop machine, his job is to poop several times a day and my job is to clean it. As an indoor peeing machine, his job is to try to not pee outside and my job is to take him on multiple walks each day presenting various objects that are so tempting to pee on that he can't help himself. This takes place right before or after things where I would rather not be outside right away (bed, arriving home from errands, eating lunch, etc).

Anyway, we're over halfway through and I like the little guy despite all this. He's noisily licking his paws under my desk right now (where he spends most of the day) and I'm waiting for the next wave of stench to emerge.

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So in, 2017 the fastest way for me to get a large sum from my bank account to another bank account is to drive to the bank, get a bank draft, drive to the other bank, show them a void cheque, and have them deposit it. Sure, ok.

This is the technique I used to make the best ribs yet on our Big Steel Keg:

  • Light charcoal and burn it until it is well lit.
  • Vents wide open and let it burn until thermometer reads 400+
  • Close vents down to a little under 2 (top and bottom)
  • Put the ribs on directly on grill (top position)
  • Get the grill temp down to 250.
  • Leave for an hour and a half.
  • Turn, leave for an hour or so
  • Turn, dress with BBQ sauce every 30 minutes until done

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As part of our move to a new city we have reached the following point:

Items have appeared in our new rental home where my spouse is at this time. She arrived on the same day as the movers and I am sure she was completely exhausted by the time she got to sleep last night.

Our little one, the dog, and I are living with my parents for 10 days while I completely empty and clean the house and get it ready for our next open house. I am amazed at how simple it was to sit down at my mother's chromebox and just start working with my todo list, email, etc. It is one thing to have “the web” aspect of the Chrome/Google eco-system but the devices themselves take it to the next level. It is hard to explain this feeling.