Bot fight regenesis

It’s late and I’ll probably run out of steam before I write this all up but I want to do a little description of a feature I’d like to add to this site. Bot Fight will be a bunch of code that simulates an encounter between bots (algorithms) in an environment (area/grid at first) to see who comes out on top. The bots will have properties, strategies, and other capabilities which will influence the outcome.

sitrep 2018-04-19

Cold seems to be on the way out. Is fast recovery another benefit of low carb? Feels like a secret weapon or something.

sitrep 2018-04-16

Just logging the fact that this is day 1 of a cold.

sitrep 2018-04-15

down about 15 lbs in three weeks, I guess… I’ve lost the weight I regained on vacation and am losing again. Eating like a King, too. Feels like cheating. Breakfast was a keto mug bread grilled cheese with bacon, strawberries, and an egg. Lunch was a Boston Pizza sandwich entree, hold the bread and fries with Cesar Salad. Dinner was a bunless burger, Greek salad, and mushrooms fried with spinach and garlic.

Llama Location Profiles

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S6 like I do and live in a house with less than complete WiFi coverage you might find you keep dropping off WiFi and into mobile data. If, like me, you don’t have an unlimited data plan this can quickly use up your monthly data and end up costing you money. I tried various built in settings to keep myself on WiFi but nothing really worked other than turning off mobile data which is annoying to do manually.

sitrep 2018-04-08

Second last day of vacation. After several nights of nostalgia (literally, since I was sleeping poorly on a bad mattress in my childhood bedroom) my wife and son came back from visiting her family and we all moved into an AirBNB that has comfortable beds. Nirvana. Re: low carb - although we are trying to be good we couldn’t resist meeting friends for sushi. It was awesome but I got too full.

sitrep 2018-03-31

Air travel today. Highlights included a guy watching Spaceballs on his laptop, my son yelling out about how stinky the plane was, a single passeger applauding the landing like a maniac, and waiting in a McDonald’s drive thru line for 20 minutes with an hangry toddler only to be told they “ran out of salad a couple hours ago, actually”. Got salad somewhere else, kept it low carb all day.

sitrep 2018-03-30

Sitting in a McDonald’s Playland while my son very slowly eats fries. I successfully beat a lifetime of fast food addiction by ordering a Ceasar salad with chicken. I opted for breaded, should have gotten grilled, but I’m still well under my carbs for the day and don’t feel like I “missed out”. Yay.


OK, in the midst of constant anxiety that the US is going to destroy the world I have some updates: Keto - we’re doing Keto! I have a lot of energy. Weather - it’s really nice here. Daily routines - I am starting to get the hang of my life which typically means it will all be disrupted sooner rather than later. I am on the verge of having enough room at the end of a given day to do some “old paper” shredding assuming no errands to run.

sitrep 2018-03-15

So I’m feeling pretty good about what I are today. I’ve been patting myself on the back. I had a light breakfast and lunch and a very healthy dinner. No snacks. Them I remember that I stopped on the way home this morning and got two sausage egg McMuffins. How could I have possibly not remembered eating those? This happened a couple of times! I kept forgetting. That’s how my brain works.