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2020-01-28 Thoughts

Weight loss

My new approach is working - I weigh every day and keep the trend line going “DOWN”. Doesn’t matter how much down, just down. This is an approach for the long term. Since I was a teenager, I have never stopped paying attention to my weight. I have gone up and down. I have tried every diet. I have starved myself. I have gorged on bacon, eschewing bread. I have craved fast food and then binged after denying myself for too long. I have run myself to exhaustion. All of these things worked to some degree or another, sometimes, but I never sustained it.

So I am embarking on a new project - I have been doing this for a while now. I am slowly, carefully changing my attitude toward food. How much I eat, what I eat, when I eat. I am thinking about it all. I am not “on Keto” but I do eat way less carbs than ever before. I have not stopped eating fast food but I am far more likely to get the junior size now. I am not doing intermitent fasting but I am not eating breakfast if I am not really hungry in the morning.

I still have bad days but then I try to have a few good ones, and the trendline keeps dropping. It’s working.


The Republicans house managers always sound like they are teenage football players who got caught by a teacher cheating on a test and their defense is that they are the best players so it shouldn’t matter and who cares about school, anyway? All said angrily while they need to really, really go to the bathroom so they just want to get out of there.

The Democrats sound rational. This will not appeal to Trump supporters, they hate smart people who sound rational.

Meanwhile, the Canadian conservatives seem be torn on where to take thier party. More to the center with McKay or veering off into Crazy Town some some far right maniac.

Mi Band 4

Love it. Great watch for $50. I love the continuous heart rate detection and the incredible battery life. The vibration is a little weak but you can create your own hard-to-ignore patterns. Great for the price.