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2020-01-31 Thoughts

Weight loss

The trend line is creeping up to flat. This is a problem so I need to get a little stricter. The last several nights I’ve been eating too much as a snack and eating too large of a portion at lunch and dinner. Weighing daily let’s you see that in an unambiguous way.

General mood

I have really cut back on morning coffee lately in an attempt to be more patient with my son getting ready to take him to school. I interrupt my work day to do this so I am constantly frustrated with delays. But he’s five and sometimes doesn’t want to go to school. And stressing him out or getting angry isn’t helping him. See coffee is a stimulant. Combine it with stress and frustration and you have an angry father ordering his child around like a dictator. This does NOT make me feel good about myself. I was thinking “what is contributing to this” and one thing I could control (besides working on my temper and stress levels) was what I put in my body. So now I am taking 1/2 of a cup of coffee when I wake up and 1/3 when I sitting with my son at breakfast (I work for a 1.5 - 2 hours before he gets up). So far, so good. And when I get home from drop off, I pour a nice big cup of hot, delicious coffee and enjoy it. All good.