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2020-02-06 Thoughts

Weight loss

Trend line going down again. I noticed what was happening and took steps. I am going with “no breakfast” through the week. I might have some this morning, though (I am writing this in the few minutes I have before work starts). If this trend continues, I should hit my 265 goal sometime in June. Slow and steady.


Well, I guess they voted the way we all knew they would. Good for Romney. One moral person on the Republican side, I suppose. Our only hope now is Bernie Sanders. There are people in politics who remain consistent and faithful to core values that do not waver. Sanders seems to be one of them. He’s an odd duck and isn’t well liked by the Democratic party. This could be the end of the Democratic party as we know it. They could finally split from the Republicans in a very meaningful way. Time will tell.


OK, a little tired today and longing for Summer. I think I’ll be drinking some coffee through the day to keep alert. However, it is Thursday which is a day I can do one chore before I do school pick up. Also, garbage day so there’s some broken down cardboard in my future. Good times. Speaking of chores, I was able to sweep and mop the main floor of the house before cooking dinner last night. I think I am going to try to get a single chore done like that whenever I can, as it reduces the amount of work to do on weekends.