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The Plague - 2020-03-17

Yesterday was the first day our son was home from school and we all had a full work day here at home. It seemed to go well. I am not sure how we will sustain this for months at a time but we can only live a day at a time and I do feel it is nice to have some family time.

Something to chew on:

Children really crave structure - my son asks me “what class is this” and “is coloring class over” as the day proceeds. We are trying to keep him occupied and stimulated while we both work full-time. It is challenging but this is what it means to be a parent. You don’t to pick what you do or just do the fun stuff (unless you are rich or a terrible person, I guess).

My workday is more spread out now. It is great all being home together and, from what I understand, he shouldn’t have any problems resuming school as long as we provide him with at least 30 mintues of education a day. We are trying to do more than that and this evening we heard from the school that they will be sending out Google Classroom work for the students, so that will be a terrific guide and inspiration for this home schooling we are all going to be doing.