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The Plague - 2020-03-26

Another week is almost over and I believe we are settling into a routine. I have accepted that my son will be on screens more than we would like. To counter that we are more concious of tying screen time to other more active activities and trying to make screen time more interactive (e.g. playing with friends via video chat or, for example, I have taken up playing Roblox with him for an hour a day before we make dinner, so we are interacting in a fun way for him that isn’t exhausting for me at the end of the day).

Tomorrow, I am off and planning to spend most of the day with my son depsite having to do an hour or so of work after breakfast. This should be a fun day and hoping to spend a good part of it outside, even if we aren’t running around (might be warm enough to sit outside, for example).

For my own part, I was excited my cold cleared up but it was followed by an onslaught of sinus issues a day later! I thought I was getting another cold, or something, but took an allergy pill and got a little relief so I’ll take those daily now until symptoms subside. Yay. I have learned the hard way that this is part of the deal now if I want to be sniffle free. Not sure what is causing allergies at this time of year but I have heard of something called “snow mould” recently I need to research. I guess I’ll do it now…

CBC - Allergies in spring? Snow mould may be to blame