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Something feels off with the world. It is like the world gets stranger with each passing year. I am not sure if it is actually stranger or if we all just know more about what is really going on?

Lately, I have been having trouble getting myself to go to bed. Maybe it is that sense that tomorrow will be stranger than today. And while I am still awake, it is still today and I can stay on top of the changes. I know I could wake up tomorrow and find anything at all might have happened while I was asleep.

Countries that were in standoffs could be a war, the US might have a new president, martial law might get declared, we could have a vote of no confidence in Canada which could trigger a federal election during a pandemic. There’s a lot going on. Do I think any of these things will happen? No. But not because it is impossible. It is because they have not happened often before. My reasoning on this might inform how likely I think any of these are to happen but my gut reaction is based on what has come before. The less I know about something, the more I am trusting my gut. So when things we know very little about go very, very differently from how we thought they would, we react strongly.

It is this constant jolt that I think is wearing people down. There is a kind of feedback effect when things go off the rails, so we are hit by more and more of these shocks. Eventually, we begin to distrust and discount our gut. Surely, our prediction here must be wrong because we’ve been wrong a lot lately. Where does that leave us? I believe it crushes us under its weight. The gnawing sense that things are out of control shakes our confidence in ourselves. We turn to outside sources to understand what is coming and abdicate our critical thinking, taking theirs as gospel instead.

Who will save us from this? What will put the brakes on and get us to rethink where we are? What will allow the temperture to drop on the pressure cooker we are currently living in?