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I haven’t written for a bit. I have a few things on my mind but lately, I have just been doing the day by day thing. I don’t really have appointments or places to go.

Some highlights:

  1. Finally got a $12 chimney to help light Broil King Keg. It’s like magic. I tried everything else but resisted this simple solution. I guess I’m an idiot. Having owned up to that, it feels really good to be able to light the charcoal grill and be cooking inside 30 minutes. I had so many problems getting hot coals in the past or controlling a slow burn. So far this summer, I am dialing in temps and it is perfect.

  2. We have settled on a plan for privancy screening on our deck that will be a combo of purchased deck boxes and some panels we build ourselves and attach to them. I think it will look nice and be very stable.

  3. Our yard is drying up, it is a pleasure to be out there again.

  4. I feel like I am losing touch with some parts of my life and getting more in tune with others. I love being home with my family all day but miss my extended family and friends. Not being able to get home for my father’s 90th birthday really sucked and was going to be my chance to see my friends and family after a very long wait. That possibility collapsed and now the August trip might be off, as well. Minor compared to what a lot of people are dealing with but it doesn’t feel good to have it slip away.