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I am a headphone user, like so many people. I have been using headphones regularly, since I was probably 13 or so and got my first Walkman. It was a legit Sony Walkman, the size of a tape casette when empty, that my brother gave me for who knows what reason. I had a portable casette player before that but it was bigger and less enjoyable to use. Once I got the smaller Walkman, I carried it and listened to it everywhere. It became my shield against awkward social interactions, my broadcasting mechanism (leaky headphones) for what music I liked without having to tell people, it shut the world out when there was too much coming at me (which was all the time).

As I got older, I stopped listening to headphones in public most of the time and instead would only do so when exercising or maybe walking a longer distance. Or on public transportation, sometimes. I wouldn’t, for example, listen while grocery shopping or at the doctor’s office. I could handle the silence better and liked to be aware of what was going on around me.

And no matter how much I loved headphones, I didn’t like the cords. They would always be getting caught, tearing the buds out of my ears. And ear buds irritate your ears, over the ear phones are better but have their own problems.

Imagine my excitement when bluetooth headphones became affordable and easy to use. I was over the moon. I loved them. Yes, the sound quality is worse and it is hassle to charge them, and maybe they are going to give me brain cancer but they are just so convenient! My most recent pair is pushing 2 years old now and getting pretty grungy. The screens inside are missing. I know where one is, but maybe the other one inside my right ear? Who knows.

So I put them away for a bit and used wired headphones. We have tons of pairs laying around. I tried them all. The cheapest ones sound the best. I think my wife got them as a promotional item at a conference. Funny. Anyway, the same issues with the cord kept driving me nuts. And it takes a while to uncoil them, stick it down my shirt, plug in, and so on. I find I am using them the same amount but spending more time fiddling. And my phone can’t sit and charge off to the side while I get ready in the morning, or do the dishes.

So, experiment over. Going back to wireless. Just need to get some new ones now. I am going to try to pair my old set with my work computer and use it for vidconf, new pair just for the phone. We’ll see how that goes.