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The Trouble With TODO Lists

I just found a TODO list from a few months back. It has a ton of tasks on it that are STILL on my current todo list. They are important tasks. I need to make a Will, for example.

Now, have I done nothing for the last several months? NO. I have done a TON of stuff. What I haven’t done is do the things on that list. The things on that list are important but not urgent.

So this is a “me” problem. When it comes to my personal life, I tread water. I don’t build a raft and parlay that into a nice sailing vessel. I tread water. This is why I will never write an novel or successfully organize my tools. My tools are a mess. There are some in the garage, some are in my OFFICE? (WHY?) and some are in my perfectly adaquate tool storage in the basement. I keep my socket set in the garage along with a couple crescent wrenches and screw drivers because they fit my son’s bike and some other things. I keep some tools in my office because they are what I frequently need (some more screwdrivers, vice grips, hammer for hanging pictures, grease for hinges, zip ties, etc). Finally, all the heavy duty stuff is in the basement for when I might need it a couple times a year.

My dream is that they are all in one place, knolled nicely into lined drawers, power tools hung on a peg board, etc. But this will never happen. I would need to plan that out and work on it. And I won’t. Instead, I make sure the kitchen is clean and that I get to my doctors appointment. I take care of my sick dog. I play with my son. I work in the garden with my wife. I live.

Where is the balance? It isn’t found in my TODO list. I guess that Will is going to wait for another few months. I hope nothing bad happens in the meantime.