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No Caffeine - Day 2

Started the day off with green tea and some Tylenol around 2 hours after being up. I didn’t need any after that, although I do have a slight headache now, as I write this just before bed. I ended up having a short nap after work today and then a half cup of coffee. I felt like that late in the day and such a small amount, it would be OK and it is.

My goal isn’t to “quit coffee”, it is to reduce caffeine, possibly to zero. Tapering is the recommended method for getting off coffee, and I’ve used it successfully in the past.

I found my focus at work today was really good and the day passed without anxious moments (e.g. easy to stay on task, no thinking about anything but work). That’s great and should help my productivity a little if that is a consistent effect (could just be I had a good day of working).