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No Caffeine - Day 3

I have fallen into a good pattern and it is working for me. I get up at 4:40AM, drink green tea by using a tall cup and leaving a tsp or so of green tea steeping. I’ll refill it once, usually. Then, after work, a brief 10 - 30 minute nap depending on fatigue, followed by half a cup of coffee. It’s a nice pick me up and pretty much out of my system by bedtime.

Something else great happened today. I now know the weird cramp/pulling sensation under my jaw is a suprahyoid muscle and I learned I can massage it to relieve the pain. So far so good. It is great to have some relief from that. I suspect my posture is causing it as I don’t engage my core much during work day and my head is pulling forward, etc. Anyway still looking into that but knowing what to look for is the big thing here.

It never ceases to amaze me how hitting on the right set of keywords just opens up a whole world of information through Google. When I think about what accessing reference material was like when I was a child compared to now, it really blows my mind and makes me marvel at what the future holds for our child.

Check out this video by Zen teacher Brad Warner: