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I took today off to get a few things done

I had to take the car into the garage and it is my wife’s birthday so I took today off to get things done and not have to rush around for my wife’s birthday preparations.

The thing is, it will snow tormorrow so the yard needs to be organized. And it’s garbage day tomorrow so I need to break down the cardboard. And the house is kind of a mess. And there’s a lot going on at work. My son is coming home from school an hour early.

I had planned to clean my office and take a nap. Neither of those are getting done.

Is it worth getting upset? No. That’s really totally pointless. Instead I will focus on enjoying what I am doing and getting a little light exercise cleaning up the yard. And maybe I can get my son to help with the yard. It involves throwing cushions down the stairs. I think he’ll help!

Some things of note lately: