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2021-02-09 Blog

Just listened to some of the Republican impeachment lawyers after work while I did some stuff around the house. I can’t tell if they are morons or think we are.

They made a number of arguments that contradicted other arguments they had made. They are also ignoring the fact that Trump was impeached prior to leaving office. This is completely disingenuous. Finally, when that lawyer was tearing up while reading that completely unnecessary Longfellow poem, all I could think of was how the Right is going to make fun of Raskin for his genuine emotion, while lauding that moron for his.

Oh, and that first guy basically going on forever about how elections are the remedy for unfit Presidents. He drove the point home over and over that the people recognized Trump was an unfit President and voted him out. What a buffoon. He’s getting fired, soon, probably. Not only did he go out of his way to explain the President soundly lost the election, he also hammered home the point that it was because the American people thought he was unfit for office. It’s hilarious. That is exactly why he is being impeached. Trump will be furious that this was a position taken by his own lawyer.