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The Plague - 2020-03-28

It has been a year since I wrote specifically about COVID.

As that year has gone on, I went from being terrified to go into a gas station to just avoiding crowded places. We plan store visits for early mornings and try to do curbside pick up or delivery whenever possible. Delivery costs more and you have less control over the items you get (e.g. when buying groceries) but we are also not spending money “going out” or travelling. So, financially, we are doing fine and are among the lucky ones who kept our jobs and are working from home.

I think this has been hardest on our son. He is at the age where normally he’d be playing with other kids all the time, going on play dates after school, meeting at the playground, going to birthday parties, and playing sports and other scheduled activities. He did get to play hockey for a while this Winter but that got shut down. We are looking forward to Soccer this summer for him.

As an example, today we went for a walk and got close to the playground in our neighbourhood. It was a nice day and so there probably 40 people in a little playground. I had to tell him, no, he couldn’t go because most of the people (adults and kids) weren’t masked up, were all very close together, and generally acting like normal. This sucked for him and I didn’t feel like the world’s greatest father while I was crushing my son’s dreams. But we have to do the right thing. It’s the only way out of this.

As the vaccines roll out, we are seeing people thinking “everything is going to be OK” but the numbers are going up again because of the lax attitudes (one assumes).

My biggest concern is we are going into a period where people relax and the variant numbers go through the roof. People have a tendency to think “hey, it’s almost over” and lightening up. That can be very dangerous if you are wrong.