2017-10-06 19:46

Curing my Reddit addiction

I’ve been a regular Reddit user for years now. It has been my default black hole whenever nothing else was going on. I’ve also been reading a lot of books using the Kobo app and reader.

So whenever I have some downtime I think “book or Reddit”. Book was winning more often than not. I also found I have been missing out of real news in favour of whatever is trending on /r/politics. This is very rarely local news or even related to the country I live in. 

So I went back to Feedly. By subscribing to various subreddits I can still get my Reddit fix but there’s too many clicks from headline to comments on the mobile app to really get lost in it. I have also added some high value news feeds and fun stuff. I find I can get into Feedly, get my fix, and get out much more quickly am I doing it less frequently. Bonus: I feel more well informed.

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