2019-01-09 06:22

Easy org-mode grocery list

So for everyone out there using org-mode, here is how I keep track of my grocery list. Yes, this is WAY more complicated than it needs to be. :)

  1. I have an IFTTT recipe using the maker hook that calls a little PHP script hosted on the VPS where I maintain my org files. It appends to an IFTTT.org file I have in my agenda list. If follows certain rules based on hints in the note and adds tags or a Scheduled time, etc. In the case of groceries, I don’t add a TODO state or Scheduled date.

  2. Next, I made a custom agenda view that shows just items tagged :groceries:

(“g” “Grocery list” tags “groceries” nil)

  1. Finally, I can use this command line to spit out that list as a CSV. My next move is to use a batch script to massage the CSV output and dump that into an .htaccess protected folder of my site in a file called “groceries.html” or something.

 emacs -batch -l ~/.emacs -eval ‘(org-batch-agenda-csv “g”)’ 2>/dev/null

I’ll update this post once that is done.

And, yes, this WILL be covered in my TED talk, if they ever work up the courage to ask me to present. Ha ha.

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