2019-01-03 05:02

Food Addiction Recovery Rules


  • No buttering bread, it’s a gateway to mindless eating - what I mean is I have a personal history of eating buttered bread as a snack. That’s fine but it is like a drug and I build up a tolerance to the butter so I need a little more each time. Eventually, I am slathering on the butter like crazy.

  • No grazing while cleaning the kitchen, put it away or throw it away because the meal is over. I eat a ton of food “cleaning up” because I don’t like food to go to waste but I would say this is my number one Keto sabotage time.

  • Snacks are no or low carb - cheese, nuts, etc. Apple, carrots, etc are ok because they are better than bread but to try to keep it no or low carb. I have really cut back on the amount of nuts I eat at a sitting, using them almost as a seasoning for other foods (e.g. a single cashew with a bite of cheese). Lots of fruits and veg have minimal carbs if you have them as a snack. Take the humble carrot. A 3” bundle of 4 or 5 carrot sticks is NOT your problem if you are on Keto, compared to eating two sandwiches at a sitting.

  • Stop eating when full, you are done! And not even that full, just not hungry anymore. I heard an interview with Kathy Bates. She said her daughter told her that there’s a point in every meal when you stop eating for a second and sigh a little. That is when you are full. I have started listening to my body and for signs like that (in fact, that specific one is amazing and really does happen if you learn to pay attention to it). She had lost a lot of weight and claimed this was her main “secret”.

I don’t want there to be too many rules on this list but when I come up with a new one I will add it here. I would also like to add some supporting links here to further explain the importance of each of these rules. I can tell you, anecdotally, what the rule means to me but I think there is probably some solid science behind each one.

Tell me what you think in the comments!

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