2019-01-04 05:28

sitrep 2018-01-04

So this is a quick one. I am down something like 8 lbs since Monday morning. This is the “start of Keto” and is totally because yesterday I peed about 5,000 times. This rate of weight loss WILL NOT CONTINUE so there’s little point in my posting a chart with a trend line showing me going into negative weight in a couple months.

Here are some take-aways:

  • My arthritic pain is greatly reduced and centralized to a few trouble spots which will probably go away soon… This is HUGE and I need to refer back to this post when I decide it’s OK to have a burger bun on the weekend or something.

  • I am not tired, at all. I mean I was appropriately tired at bed-time. Just through the day, I feel good!

  • Tonight is my “Scott Time” (Friday night!) so I am going to write up the outline I worked on while waiting for my car to get an oil change the other day. It is a good one. It is my 100th try at an outline for a novel I’ve been trying to work out for YEARS. I am feeling good about this one. It feels complete. It is sort of The Man Who Fell To Earth meets Neuromancer. Could work.

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