2018-02-06 19:28

SITREP 2018-02-06

Thinking of writing one of these after I eat, before work. I take between 15 and 30 minutes for lunch, sometimes not even that. My timezone if offset from the office so sometimes I need to stuff food in while working with someone remotely, etc. No big deal, that is why they pay me.

So updates on my life (just personal, no family/work unless it is very, very noteworthy):

  1. Dwarf Fortress - a forgotten beast devastated the fortress and I am down to a wave of new migrants who I can’t seem to get to join a squad. The FB is parked in a dormitory, heavily wounded, and getting attacked by various dogs and children, etc. I figured I would let it roll, hopefully figuring out how to get migrants to join the military and just finish him off at some point but am now being invaded by elves, war horses, and war bearsas payback for repeatedly raiding their seaside town. For playing only 15 minutes a day or so this is a pretty big payoff.

  2. Health - cold is radically improved from yesterday thanks to an amazing sleep. I am going to try fitting in a post-work walk to the mailbox as this is better than intending to go at night and not going and it will result in me getting some sun.

  3. Eating - I had a nice roast beef sandwhich with tomato and lettuce for lunch on whole grain bread. Normally, I would have put the roast beef into a grilled cheese fried in bacon fat so I think this is progress. Some nuts and a bit of chocolate rounded out the meal. And an espresso.

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