2018-02-15 12:05

sitrep 2018-02-15

So I get up pretty early for work as I am working “in another timezone”. I work at home and have a lot of interests and responsibilities outside of my job so I need to track my hours closely. The early morning hours are crucial as my young son requires attention before and after daycare so these early hours are “work time” that lets me hit my hour target earlier in the day meaning more time for dinner prep, errands, and occasionally some Dwarf Fortress.

Lately, though, I have been getting to my desk a little later each morning. I think it is my coffee routine. So last night I made some very strong green/matcha tea plus Orange Pekoe, put it in mason jars with honey and lemon, and put it into the bar fridge in my office. Now I’m drinking that tea and shaved off 15 or 20 minutes of non-work time from my morning routine. I’ll make a nice coffee later after lunch or something.

Hopefully, this routine works out and gets me a little bit of my morning back.

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