2018-02-16 18:50

sitrep 2018-02-16

I just have a second here but wanted to blog somethings I am trying:

  • Saving time in the morning - making iced tea and putting it in mason jars in the bar fridge in my office. This buys me about 15 minutes a morning. Working so far. I can always make a coffee later in the day.
  • Health - trying to “not eat for 12 hours” - so studies show people who take breaks from eating for 12 or more hours tend to weigh a little less. You will see people “cut” by only eating for 8 hours a day. I am starting by eating only in a 12 hour window and hope to shrink it to a 10 hour window when the habit kicks in. So this sounds “easy” but it means “no snacking after dinner”. That is really all this means. Apparently, after a few months my metabolism and insulin resistance might change a little (favourably) and it could lower inflammation. At this point, I just want to stop gaining weight.


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