2018-02-20 19:05

sitrep 2018-02-20

I am writing this slowly as I work. I am reflecting on how I did this weekend re: eating less and moving more.

  • Moving: I don’t think I moved more although my step count was up quite a bit. I think I could have fit in some walking or more exercise and stretching if I wanted to so I can’t let myself off easily. I was just lazy. But I feel more rested than I did before the weekend.

  • Eating?: Since I settled on a 12 hour eating window I had snacks on two separate nights (Saturday and Sunday). I didn’t go nuts Saturday night, ate a little more Sunday night but still not a ton. However, I broke my plan twice. I did better Monday night. Weeknights seem fine. I’ll try to do better next weekend.

I need to get more stretching in.

Re: organizing - I complete going through a box in my office which is a huge milestone. Each of these is filled with small, individual odds and ends that can’t just be tossed out (some of it can but most of it is stuff that needs to be stored/organized). I feel good about getting through that. Slow and steady wins the race.

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