sitrep 2018-03-28

Many thoughts have been going through my head.

  1. Weight loss via low carb - so easy… Why have I not been doing this for years? Yesterday I was in a rush and ended up getting a Carl’s Jr. burger for lunch. Wrapped in lettuce. It was delicious and had 7g net carbs. And no fries. And didn’t feel gross afterward. Anyway, on week two of low carb (not quite Keto here) and feeling great. No real bread cravings. I mean, yeah, I want that stuff but I can hold off for a bit. I am sure I will eat some of it when I visit my folks for a week, soon.

  2. Index card system task - still the best system I have found yet. Just have to get one card done a day. And keep doing that. I picked up an old army surplus index card drawer (from a giant card catalog cabinet, I guess) that I have on my desk as a card dock now. It is much easier to use than the “close to the right size” box I was using before as the sides grip the cards a bit so you can file through it and wedge them into a given position, etc. It also has regularly spaced divider slots for organizing sections. There are two metal dividers with it but I can make more with cardboard or whatever. This is mostly just a historical file plus a set of new, blank cards so two dividers is plenty for now.

  3. Getting ready to travel this week - I need to pack soon and am interested in trying some new products out to organize my suitcase. I love the time I spend living out of a suitcase (something freeing about your life just being supported by this one bag, hard to explain, makes me feel young again) but also can’t wait to get home whenever I leave (the life we have built is better than any wandering mystic fictional character aspirations I might have).

  4. Mason Jars - great in the fridge, can be covered with saran wrap, easier to store and clean than mismatched plastic containers (double as drinking glasses!), label with painters tape, use vertical space better in the fridge, etc.

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