2018-04-08 10:18

sitrep 2018-04-08

Second last day of vacation.

After several nights of nostalgia (literally, since I was sleeping poorly on a bad mattress in my childhood bedroom) my wife and son came back from visiting her family and we all moved into an AirBNB that has comfortable beds. Nirvana.

Re: low carb - although we are trying to be good we couldn’t resist meeting friends for sushi. It was awesome but I got too full. From now on I’m going to view carbs like I view alcohol: OK to have a little from time to time, maybe have a little too much a couple times a year, and generally abstain. I almost never drink so I guess that works for me. It’s good to have a useful frame of reference since carbs are “normal” and associated with having a good meal in the same way that we’ve normalized booze and associate drinking with having fun.

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