sitrep 2018-05-09

I’ve been trying to take a “real lunchbreak” lately which means starting earlier in the morning. 4:30 - 4:45AM early. So I am not sure this is working. I thought it was making me drowsy but then I figured “this could be allergies” so I started taking an antihistamine and pounding espresso.

Fatigue is mostly dealt with now.

The other thing is I am getting lots of stuff done at lunch but not really “taking a break”. I am mostly doing non-work stuff which is nice. I have a lot of low-level tasks that I can get done easily enough if I have 20 or 30 minutes a day. And there are always tons of non-discretionary things to do (e.g. laundry, picking up after the dog, prepping dinner, etc.).

What it has done for me is boost the productivity of my work phase after lunch. I eat low carb so I don’t really get a blood sugar crash after eating but was finding if I didn’t take a real break I’d be lackluster and distracted while trying to work.

So here is a sitrep:

  • I haven’t been doing my stretching - wtf? I should do this.
  • sorting/filing - still trying to get into the next box and file some stuff, I think I’ll move forward with that today as all last week I had stuff to do after work and this week will leave no free time Thursday or Friday
  • exercise - last night we took our son for a walk on his scooter, his Mom was riding her bike. He would abandon the scooter and run after her which meant I could jog a bit to catch up. Felt good. I have also been doing lots of yard work. I feel like this is resulting in getting stronger and generally feeling healthier. Loving this.
  • Bot fight - need to do the next step on this: cron job to run it and log out the results plus a page to display them.


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