sitrep 2018-05-31

Been good to get back to work. I am having trouble settling down to work this morning so thought I’d do a quick post to clear my head and refocus.

  • 8-Tracks continues to be the best aid to kicking my brain into gear - along with coffee, of course.

  • In free time I have been working on some Google Apps Scripts to handle some defciencies in Google Tasks (easy list email for grocery list, send me one random task from my WIP list at scheduled times, etc). The “random task” takes very little time to code and has great pay off if you have trouble focusing.

  • Stretching - I have fallen behind and am trying to get back to doing this a couple times a day like I was doing a month or so ago. I am getting one stretching session in most days but i need to get better. My long term health depends heavily on this.

  • A clean environment is a productive environment for me. Working on office tidying and getting the garage squared away after all the big house projects (generating a lot of tools everywhere and cardboard/packaging/mess) has made a difference for me in focusing.

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