sitrep 2018-06-27

After not really seeing much improvement yesterday I tried to sleep on the couch and that got me into a much better place. I slept well last night as well and managed to not eat carbs all day or snack after dinner which has left me feeling much better as a result. I am still tired this morning but nothing a coffee will not fix. Looking forward to making some serious progress on my work projects.

After work I’ll prepare some dinner for us (Cod Putannesca, pepper and mushroom stirfry, and a salad of cucumber and mint, I think) and try to organize some of papers I need to deal with. A lifetime of poorly decisions around the organization and storage of paper documents has left me with a bit of a mess on my hands. Mixed in with the shreddable gargage are lots of things I want to keep. And moving several times has left this in a bit of a jumble. I am getting there, though.

Time to work.

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